Sunday @ the Segal - The Pianist of Willesden Lane


As more and more theatres are taking on new initiatives and support around audience and artist care, this Sunday @ the Segal will explore the healing power of the performing arts. Much like Mona Golabek has used her talents to share her mothers’ riveting story of survival in The Pianist of Willesden Lane, theatre-makers, and drama and music therapists will share their own arts-based approaches to navigating difficult personal and social issues and events.

Sarah Deshaies
19-20 Sunday @ the Segal Host

Sarah Deshaies is a radio producer, host and theatre critic based in Montreal. She currently produces the Andrew Carter Morning Show on CJAD 800, and co-hosts CKUT's theatre program, Upstage, where, for the last decade, she has interviewed actors, directors and other artists from all around the world. Sarah's writing on Montreal theatre has been published in the Montreal Gazette and Cult Montreal. Her love for theatre was kindled at the Segal Centre, where she once played a tree in a children's drama program and started seeing grownups plays with her mom. You can follow her on Twitter @sarahdeshaies. Upstage airs Thursdays at 6pm on 90.3FM.


Rosaruby Kagan Glaberman

Rosaruby Kagan Glaberman, M.A., RDT, is a licensed psychotherapist, registered drama therapist, group facilitator and professional theatre artist. She is the former president of the Quebec Drama Therapy Chapter (QDTC) of the North American Drama Therapy Association, has 10 years of therapeutic work experience and is the co-artistic director of Live Action Theatre project.  She presently works in private practice and develops specialized anti-harrassment, anger management and assertive communication workshops and trainings for diverse clientele throughout Montreal. Her culturally sensitive work centers on the development of self-compassion, emotional intelligence, assertive communication, coping skills and motivation; essential in maintaining emotional health, productivity and rich relationships.


Adina Katz
Actor/Writer, Singer/Songwriter, Musical Improviser, Teacher, Video Artist

Adina works as an artist and producer in theatre, comedy, film, and music, having performed on stages across Canada, U.S., and Europe. She created and performed Be a Good Girl, a one woman show that combines drama, dark comedy, film sequences, and original songs to tell true stories of sexual assault and its repercussions. Her video work has also been a medium used for social activism and won the "Film Heals Award" at the Manhattan Film Festival. She is the founder of the Musical Improv Comedy program at Montreal Improv Theatre where she teaches that and “Acting for Improvisers,” and has also taught musical theatre to children at the Segal Centre Academy. Adina performs regularly with her all-ladies musical improv troupe, “The Jazz Ands,” released an alum, Back to Before, and has been seen on the Segal stage in both English and Yiddish theatre productions. She has trained in New York City, Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal.


Victoria McNeill
Mmus, MTA

Victoria McNeill (Mmus, MTA) has been practicing music therapy in Montreal since 2014.  A proud Newfoundlander, Victoria began making music early in her life and pursued formal training at Memorial University and McGill University before finding music therapy.  A graduate of Concordia University’s Creative Arts Therapy Department, Victoria specializes in community music therapy practices for seniors.  Currently, Victoria offers group and individual work for people living with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, aphasia, mental illnesses, as well as Holocaust survivors as part of program offerings at The Cummings Centre.  Victoria’s work has also included work with children, adults and seniors who live with developmental disabilities as well as at risk youth.  Victoria works under the understanding that all humans have the capacity for and right to music making.  Harnessing this potential builds community, improves well being, decreases isolation, and can promote health, growth and learning across all aspects of our functioning. 





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