Segal Centre Jewish Arts Mentorship (J.A.M.)

What is the Segal Centre J.A.M.?
The Segal Centre is a leading English language theatre in Montreal, and an important cultural resource for the Jewish community. Throughout its history, the Segal Centre has supported emerging artists, providing them with opportunities to develop their work and reach the next steps in their careers.

The Segal Centre’s Jewish Arts Mentorship (J.A.M.) is an initiative created to help theatre makers foster skills, gain knowledge, build artistic community and receive valuable professional networking opportunities. 

The program seeks to support emerging theatre makers of any age who are working on projects with Jewish themes or who are engaged in issues of Jewish identity. Three to four candidates are chosen per cohort.

The program includes one-on-one artistic mentorship, group discussions about Jewish identity and the arts, and final presentations by each artist. This year, J.A.M. will run for seven months (November 2021-June 2022).

What happens over the mentorship’s year?

  • Each J.A.M. participant is offered monthly individual meetings with Artistic Mentor Caitlin Murphy to create a personalized ‘strategic plan’ to identify your project’s goals, steps needed to achieve them, and support you in developing your creative work to the stage you intend to complete by program’s end.
  • Monthly group discussions on Jewish identity and the arts facilitated by the Segal Centre’s Jewish Programs Manager Sivan Slapak, with invited guests from the Jewish and Arts spheres. These are an opportunity to receive peer feedback on your creative work, engage in topics of shared interest, and build an artistic community.
  • Opportunity to connect with various Segal staff members with expertise in relevant fields to assist you in professional development.
  • Becoming part of the Segal Centre community and invited to virtual events as well as in-person productions when possible.
  • Access to Segal rehearsal space, following health protocols.
  • Networking opportunities in the larger professional arts world.

How will this J.A.M. year be different?

In this recovery year, the program will follow a hybrid model; with meetings taking place in person as well as virtually.

In-person meetings will conform to health and safety guidelines and respect comfort levels of the participants.

The platform (live or virtual) for the final showcase will be determined as we approach the end of the year.

Who can apply?

The Segal Centre J.A.M. is an inclusive program that aims to unite a group of strong, diverse voices fitting the following criteria:

  • Emerging artist of any age in the performing arts
  • Living in Montreal or surrounding area
  • You do not have to be Jewish to apply and we welcome all candidates. However, your project must engage with Jewish themes, and do recognize that the mentorship year focuses on Jewish identity and the arts.

We welcome candidates of diverse backgrounds and intersectional identities. This could include but is not limited to people from racialized communities, interfaith families, LGBTQ2+, gender non-conforming and people with disabilities. We are looking for artists who are passionate about their work and enthusiastic about this mentorship opportunity!

Chosen candidates will receive a $1000 stipend for the year.

Submissions for the 2021-22 year are now closed. Check back in Summer 2022 for the next submission period.

For questions about JAM, contact Sivan Slapak at


Thank you to our 2020-21 cohort, Brandon Adam, Marissa Blair, Hershel Blatt, Debbie Friedmann

Watch their end-of-year showcase here

See previous cohorts here.

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